We are looking for an educator/daycare assistant who is a native English-speaker available on Wednesdays + 1 or 2 half-days during the week.

The context

Every Wednesday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm (and full weeks during school holidays), the Être & Savoir daycare center is open to children ages 3 to 9, enrolled at Être & Savoir or in other schools.

Our daycare center operates based on the school’s educational mission: it is a secure environment for children in which they can engage in the discovery of themselves, others, and their surroundings.
Children can choose to play – alone, together, or with the educational team, to participate in workshops prepared by adults (cooking, creative crafts, music, etc.), or to suggest other activities themselves.
Lengthy outdoor outings are organized often, so that children can be in contact with nature and play outdoors.

Your responsibilities

  • You ensure the physical and emotional security of the children by being attentive to their well-being; you contribute to their development of social and everyday practical skills by offering them support and perspective in their relationships with others.
  • You listen to and observe the children to better understand and facilitate the projects they wish to carry out, participate in their games, and/or suggest activities (there is no set schedule or pre-established activity grid).

You work under the responsibility of the daycare center’s director (Mélusine Murard).

Your profile

  • You have a benevolent attitude toward children and have good knowledge of their needs and emotional development.
  • You are enthusiastic, open-minded, creative, and curious; you have good interpersonal skills and the abilities to bring people together and to foster teamwork.
  • You have a strong capacity for observation and adaptation; you know how to withdraw to let the children take initiatives.
  • You are available on Wednesdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Possible advancement

  • You will also be welcome to join the educational team during the zone C school holidays (February, Spring, 2 weeks in July – a maximum of 8 weeks).
  • If you are comfortable with our philosophy and the educational team, we may consider asking you to be more present during the school week.

Understanding of and agreement with the educational approach that our school and daycare center are based on are essential. Before applying, we recommend that you read more about it and ensure that you adhere to our educational mission.

Starting date: February 2022 for Wednesdays
Place of work: 2 rue Santerre, 75012 Paris
Salary: based on experience